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5 games played, 4 to go!

Yesterday was the last day in WUC Chess 2012 that the participants played double rounds.
In the next days of competition, each day will have only one round during the afternoon. It will start at 4pm, except Saturday which will be the day of decisions and awards.
In the end of the 5th round of this championship, 5 games were already played by each athlete, apart from Angola’s participants who missed the first game. It is now possible to make a balance of the first half of the competition.
The male section of this tournament already has two players leading the board: Bu Xiangzhi from China and Papin Vasily from Russia. Both with a score of 4 points that were assigned by the 4 winning matches of Papin and the 3 wins and 2 draws of Bu. But nothing is decided yet! The championship has 5 more rounds to go and the five Polish, another Russian and a Brazilian are just half a point behind. After all, it’s five more rounds.
On the other side, the female athlete from China Zhang Xiaowen doesn’t share leadership with anyone. She leads the board all by herself with a score of 3,5 points.
China, Russia and Poland take the leadership of the score board. The score of the teams is assigned by the sum of the scores of the best masculine and feminine players of each country in addiction with the score of just one of the “second’s best” feminine or masculine athlete of each team.
At the moment, China is at the top of the table with a score of 12 points followed by the 11,5 Russian points and the 10,5 points from Poland.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

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Concentration, strategy and pressure are the key words of Chess

At the 2nd day of the tournament, it can be seen the concern and the concentration of the players since early morning. Thinking about the mistakes they made on the last round or new strategies to “mate” their opponents.
The 3rd round began with the usual serenity.
The different cultures can be noted just by looking at the game stage as much for the athletes as for the spectators. The team of referees it’s also very notable. They can me differentiated just by looking at their red and customized shirt or by paying attention to their smooth moves around the competitors tables.
A chess match can last 5 hours long.
In this 12th edition of the WUC Chess the big surprise is the Brazilian team, especially Rodrigo Terao who is exceeding the expectations. The polish team are the participants with more victories in the championship.
During the day, a few members of FISU were on the field in Guimarães. One of those visits was Eder Leonz, in the morning and later on Luciano Cabral, both vice-presidents of FISU.
Concentration and strategy are the key words of this event. When it seems to fail, the national flags above players heads works as an incentive to keep them on the game.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

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Geoffrey Borg wants to promote Chess in West Europe

In interview, Geoffrey Borg, Chief Executive Officer of World Chess Federation (FIDE) enhanced the importance of working together with FISU in such important event. “The most positive aspect of this event for us is build strong relationships, especially with FISU”, added FIDE’s CEO.
When questioned about the difficulty of organizing a competition like WUC Chess, Geoffrey Borg admitted that it is not easy because “there are a variety of processes and systems in place”. FIDE’s CEO also considers a difficult task “control everyone’s work together with FISU and the local Organizing Committee”.
In what concerns to the importance of the University Championship, Geoffrey Borg considers that “university students are the reflex of education systems and that’s why FIDE have a lot of programs inside the universities”. For that reason, “in technical terms FIDE want to promote the WUC Chess in association with FISU to turn the event bigger, better and with more participants”. The Chief Executive also admitted that Chess is a sport more popular in countries like Russia, China and Ukraine than in the West side of Europe and “that’s why promotion in media is essential”. In the next WUC Chess, FIDE and FISU will make some changes, in particular in what is related with the time of the games.
In the end of the interview, Geoffrey Borg also praised the city of Guimarães for its beauty and culture.

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The first round has begun

About eleven centuries after the introduction of chess by the Arabs in Europe, the city of Guimarães is the stage of World University Championship (WUC) of Chess. Youngsters from eighteen different countries played on 20th of August the first two rounds of the tournament.
Tgis sport is all about strategy. A game that demands an extreme concentration from the players. A concentration that could be felt during all day long in Pavilhão Desportivo of Minho’s University. The goal of this game is simple: to take your rivals king. It can be done in a lot of ways. And the game reaches the end when one of the kings doesn’t have any more possible moves that doesn’t result into a loss of the king’s player. This situation answers by the name of checkmate.
The first round began at on 20th of August at 9.30 am. During this time the Polish and the Mongolian team had the best results of the morning. Eight polish players won their games and 4 of the Mongolian team did the same. A 100% accuracy for the Polish and a 67% accuracy for the Mongolians.

How it will work with pairing in the next rounds?

In the first round, all the victories, ties and defeats will attribute the opponent of each player. To each victory is attributed 1 point, to each tie ½ point and to each defeat 0 points. In the next round, each game will put be between players with same points. It is possible that the number of participants is unpaired, in that case one of them will play against a player with approximately the same pointing. In the following rounds, the procedure is the same for each game, with more variety of points.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

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The open ceremony moved the first pawn

Largo da Oliveira in Guimarães received the WUC Chess 2012 open ceremony started. As a protocol procedure, the Portuguese national flag came up on stage accompanied with the national anthem.
After this official action, all the teams of eighteen different countries paraded with a musical group of Minho’s University called Bomboémia. Each team took to the stage showing the respective flag of their country.
Luís Rodrigues, president of the organizing committee, started his speech saying how important is the relation between Minho’s University and The Student Union to organize this kind of big sport events, such as World University Championship of Futsal (1998) and European University Championship of Tawkwondo (2011). Luís Rodrigues added that “Guimarães should be proud for receiving such important competition”.
Then João Chaves, host of the ceremony, called Luciano Cabral, vice-president of FISU, to say a few words and he showed special admiration for the city of Guimarães. Luciano Cabral has high expectations about this tournament, “I hope that the athletes have an amazing competition such as this amazing city”.
By the hands of FISU’s vice-president, the rector of Minho’s University António Cunha went to the stage to close the ceremony, expressing his gratitude to “all the people who made this event possible”. António Cunha also referred that Guimarães is a beautiful city “full of Portuguese history and culture”.
After all the speeches FISU’s flag came up on stage also accompanied with the respective anthem, starting the championship that will elapse till 25th august.
This open ceremony was closed by a feminine student folkloric group named Gatuna.

Rita Magalhães

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