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And the winner is...

In the end of the round 9, the classification defined who will received the three medals for male and female, this evening in the closing ceremony at 22.30pm.
In the male sector, the gold winner is the Chinese player Xiangzhi Bu, the second and third places go to Poland for the players Bulski Krzysztof and Tazbir Marcin, respectively.
In the female classification, the gold medal also goes to a Chinese player Zhongyi, the second place goes to Kashlinskaya Alina from Russia and the bronze was give to the german girl Hoolt Sarah.
In summary, China is the big winner of this Championship followed by Poland.

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Chess shows its competitive side in Guimarães

WUC Chess 2012 returned to the trays on the 24th August around 4pm for the 8th round of the competition.
On the 7th round, on 23rd August, everyone was surprised by the draw between the number one of the women classification Tan Zhongyi (CHN) and Przezdziecka Marta (POL). Although that wasn’t a good game for the Chinese player, she stills on the first place.
In what concerns to the male sector, Bu Xiangzhi (CHN), until round 7, had only two draws and five victories. The polish team, represented by five players that are in the top 10 of this championship, only got two victories out of five games.
On the 24th August, the round 8 took place and it could decide the first three places, especially on the male side. Except Bu Xiangzhi (CHN), who is leading with 6 points, the polish players Czarnota Pawel, Tomczak Jacek, Bulski Krzysztof and Oliver Kurmannm, from the team of Switzerland are tied with 5 points.
For this reason, the games from this round that opposed Bu Xiangzhi and Czarnota Pawel, Tomczak Jacek and Oliver Kurmann, Bulski Krzysztof and Martins Vinicius, could be decisive to define the first, second and third places. So that, if the Chinese player wins the game and from the other two games doesn’t come out any winner, Bu Xiangzhi will automatically win this championship.
In the female section, the Chinese player Tan Zhongyi and the Russian Kashlinskaya Alina are competing for the first place, both with 5,5 points. The german Hoolt Sarah, now with 5 points, will also fight for the podium against Alina from Russia on the round 8. In the women classification, the games wont’ decide anything yet but it can make the last round even more fierce.

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Official Dinner put together illustrious people of the WUC Futsal and Chess

Last Wednesday, 22th August, the WUC Official Dinner took place at Panoramic Restaurant in Minho’s University where were present people from the Chess Championship and from the Futsal Championship as well.
In Braga, the dinner had as main intention put together all the participants from the tournaments, namely the organization, teams and guests.
At Panoramic Restaurant were represented the following institutions: Braga European Capital of Youth, Guimarães European Capital of Culture, Minho’s University, Organizing Committee, FISU, FIDE, FIFA and a few more Portuguese federations that support those events, University of Malaga, host of next World University Championships and delegates from all the teams in the competitions.
After dinner, Luís Rodrigues, President of The Organizing Committee directed a few words to the guests, followed by the speech of the Rector of Minho’s University. A ntónio Cunha reforced his words of the Open Ceremony, enhancing that those two competitions have extreme importance to the institution because “sport is part of the educational project of the university”.
In the end of the speeches, a few gratefulness awards were given to the teams and to the guests that helped with the organization of WUC 2012. This act happened again with Luciano Cabral from FISU and, later on, with Bruno Barracosa from Academic Federation of University Sport of Portugal.
The ceremony, hosted by Fernando Parente General Secretary of The Organizing Committee, ended around 11.30pm.

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Chinese players are on the leadership

On the 22nd August was played one more round of the WUC Chess in Guimarães, European Capital of Culture for 2012.
Bu Xiangzhi (CHN) is distinguished in the leadership with a total of 5 points in 6 rounds. Yesterday, during the 7th round, all the attentions were turned to the game between Bu and the polish player Tazbir Marcin (POL), who has 4,5 points. The male classification has a Chinese in the 1st place followed by Tazbir (POL) e Bulski Krzysztof (POL), both with 4,5 points.
In parallel, in the female sector, Tan Zhongyi (CHN)assumes the headship, close followed by the Russian player Kashlinskaya Alina (RUS) and Zhang Xiaowen (CHN). The 1st place has 5 points, Alina with 4,5 points and the 3rd place with 4,5 points as well
In what concerns with the classification by each country, China goes on the 1st place with 14,5 points and only three athletes. Poland had the 2nd place with 13 points and Russia in the 3rd place with 12,5 points.
In the last 3 rounds, the number of ties has come to fall. There were 9 on the round 4, 8 on the 5th and 7 on the round 6. The draws are frequent in chess games. It can be declare, for example, after 30 plays with the agreement of both players. In this tournament, there is a possibility for the players ask to the referees and they will decide and declare the tie.

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“The referees must be alert to all the details”

On the third day of competition, Carlos Dias, president of Refereeing Council of the Portuguese Federation of Chess (FPX), talked about the importance of WUC Chess perform in Portugal.
Carlos Dias is surprised by the quality of the competition. “On the one hand, the competitive level is pretty high, on the other hand the organization is giving excellent conditions to the participants”, referred.
In what concerns to the importance of the university championships to FPX, the responsible of the championship’s refereeing said that, although those competitions are not in the FPX and FIDE calendar, “the event is interesting for both federations, because it counts for the rating of the institutions”.
Carlos Dias also explained that “the good organization of this event shows to the world that Portugal has capabilities to organize an international competition with good quality”.
Relatively to the WUC Chess’s refereeing, Carlos Dias is pleased by the fact that referees, until now, didn’t have any problems to solve, during the games. In spite of this fact, “the referees must be alert to all the details”.
The function of Carlos Dias in this Competition is supervising judges’ work but also evaluate them to give a declaration saying that those referees can integrate the international federation of Chess.

Rita Magalhães

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