5 games played, 4 to go!

Yesterday was the last day in WUC Chess 2012 that the participants played double rounds.
In the next days of competition, each day will have only one round during the afternoon. It will start at 4pm, except Saturday which will be the day of decisions and awards.
In the end of the 5th round of this championship, 5 games were already played by each athlete, apart from Angola’s participants who missed the first game. It is now possible to make a balance of the first half of the competition.
The male section of this tournament already has two players leading the board: Bu Xiangzhi from China and Papin Vasily from Russia. Both with a score of 4 points that were assigned by the 4 winning matches of Papin and the 3 wins and 2 draws of Bu. But nothing is decided yet! The championship has 5 more rounds to go and the five Polish, another Russian and a Brazilian are just half a point behind. After all, it’s five more rounds.
On the other side, the female athlete from China Zhang Xiaowen doesn’t share leadership with anyone. She leads the board all by herself with a score of 3,5 points.
China, Russia and Poland take the leadership of the score board. The score of the teams is assigned by the sum of the scores of the best masculine and feminine players of each country in addiction with the score of just one of the “second’s best” feminine or masculine athlete of each team.
At the moment, China is at the top of the table with a score of 12 points followed by the 11,5 Russian points and the 10,5 points from Poland.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

30 / Nov / -1-1

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