Concentration, strategy and pressure are the key words of Chess

At the 2nd day of the tournament, it can be seen the concern and the concentration of the players since early morning. Thinking about the mistakes they made on the last round or new strategies to “mate” their opponents.
The 3rd round began with the usual serenity.
The different cultures can be noted just by looking at the game stage as much for the athletes as for the spectators. The team of referees it’s also very notable. They can me differentiated just by looking at their red and customized shirt or by paying attention to their smooth moves around the competitors tables.
A chess match can last 5 hours long.
In this 12th edition of the WUC Chess the big surprise is the Brazilian team, especially Rodrigo Terao who is exceeding the expectations. The polish team are the participants with more victories in the championship.
During the day, a few members of FISU were on the field in Guimarães. One of those visits was Eder Leonz, in the morning and later on Luciano Cabral, both vice-presidents of FISU.
Concentration and strategy are the key words of this event. When it seems to fail, the national flags above players heads works as an incentive to keep them on the game.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

22 / Aug / 1212

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