Geoffrey Borg wants to promote Chess in West Europe

In interview, Geoffrey Borg, Chief Executive Officer of World Chess Federation (FIDE) enhanced the importance of working together with FISU in such important event. “The most positive aspect of this event for us is build strong relationships, especially with FISU”, added FIDE’s CEO.
When questioned about the difficulty of organizing a competition like WUC Chess, Geoffrey Borg admitted that it is not easy because “there are a variety of processes and systems in place”. FIDE’s CEO also considers a difficult task “control everyone’s work together with FISU and the local Organizing Committee”.
In what concerns to the importance of the University Championship, Geoffrey Borg considers that “university students are the reflex of education systems and that’s why FIDE have a lot of programs inside the universities”. For that reason, “in technical terms FIDE want to promote the WUC Chess in association with FISU to turn the event bigger, better and with more participants”. The Chief Executive also admitted that Chess is a sport more popular in countries like Russia, China and Ukraine than in the West side of Europe and “that’s why promotion in media is essential”. In the next WUC Chess, FIDE and FISU will make some changes, in particular in what is related with the time of the games.
In the end of the interview, Geoffrey Borg also praised the city of Guimarães for its beauty and culture.

21 / Aug / 1212

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