The first round has begun

About eleven centuries after the introduction of chess by the Arabs in Europe, the city of Guimarães is the stage of World University Championship (WUC) of Chess. Youngsters from eighteen different countries played on 20th of August the first two rounds of the tournament.
Tgis sport is all about strategy. A game that demands an extreme concentration from the players. A concentration that could be felt during all day long in Pavilhão Desportivo of Minho’s University. The goal of this game is simple: to take your rivals king. It can be done in a lot of ways. And the game reaches the end when one of the kings doesn’t have any more possible moves that doesn’t result into a loss of the king’s player. This situation answers by the name of checkmate.
The first round began at on 20th of August at 9.30 am. During this time the Polish and the Mongolian team had the best results of the morning. Eight polish players won their games and 4 of the Mongolian team did the same. A 100% accuracy for the Polish and a 67% accuracy for the Mongolians.

How it will work with pairing in the next rounds?

In the first round, all the victories, ties and defeats will attribute the opponent of each player. To each victory is attributed 1 point, to each tie ½ point and to each defeat 0 points. In the next round, each game will put be between players with same points. It is possible that the number of participants is unpaired, in that case one of them will play against a player with approximately the same pointing. In the following rounds, the procedure is the same for each game, with more variety of points.

Rita Magalhães
Rui Silva

21 / Aug / 1212

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