The open ceremony moved the first pawn

Largo da Oliveira in Guimarães received the WUC Chess 2012 open ceremony started. As a protocol procedure, the Portuguese national flag came up on stage accompanied with the national anthem.
After this official action, all the teams of eighteen different countries paraded with a musical group of Minho’s University called Bomboémia. Each team took to the stage showing the respective flag of their country.
Luís Rodrigues, president of the organizing committee, started his speech saying how important is the relation between Minho’s University and The Student Union to organize this kind of big sport events, such as World University Championship of Futsal (1998) and European University Championship of Tawkwondo (2011). Luís Rodrigues added that “Guimarães should be proud for receiving such important competition”.
Then João Chaves, host of the ceremony, called Luciano Cabral, vice-president of FISU, to say a few words and he showed special admiration for the city of Guimarães. Luciano Cabral has high expectations about this tournament, “I hope that the athletes have an amazing competition such as this amazing city”.
By the hands of FISU’s vice-president, the rector of Minho’s University António Cunha went to the stage to close the ceremony, expressing his gratitude to “all the people who made this event possible”. António Cunha also referred that Guimarães is a beautiful city “full of Portuguese history and culture”.
After all the speeches FISU’s flag came up on stage also accompanied with the respective anthem, starting the championship that will elapse till 25th august.
This open ceremony was closed by a feminine student folkloric group named Gatuna.

Rita Magalhães

20 / Aug / 1212

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