Chess shows its competitive side in Guimarães

WUC Chess 2012 returned to the trays on the 24th August around 4pm for the 8th round of the competition.
On the 7th round, on 23rd August, everyone was surprised by the draw between the number one of the women classification Tan Zhongyi (CHN) and Przezdziecka Marta (POL). Although that wasn’t a good game for the Chinese player, she stills on the first place.
In what concerns to the male sector, Bu Xiangzhi (CHN), until round 7, had only two draws and five victories. The polish team, represented by five players that are in the top 10 of this championship, only got two victories out of five games.
On the 24th August, the round 8 took place and it could decide the first three places, especially on the male side. Except Bu Xiangzhi (CHN), who is leading with 6 points, the polish players Czarnota Pawel, Tomczak Jacek, Bulski Krzysztof and Oliver Kurmannm, from the team of Switzerland are tied with 5 points.
For this reason, the games from this round that opposed Bu Xiangzhi and Czarnota Pawel, Tomczak Jacek and Oliver Kurmann, Bulski Krzysztof and Martins Vinicius, could be decisive to define the first, second and third places. So that, if the Chinese player wins the game and from the other two games doesn’t come out any winner, Bu Xiangzhi will automatically win this championship.
In the female section, the Chinese player Tan Zhongyi and the Russian Kashlinskaya Alina are competing for the first place, both with 5,5 points. The german Hoolt Sarah, now with 5 points, will also fight for the podium against Alina from Russia on the round 8. In the women classification, the games wont’ decide anything yet but it can make the last round even more fierce.

24 / Aug / 1212

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