Chinese players are on the leadership

On the 22nd August was played one more round of the WUC Chess in Guimarães, European Capital of Culture for 2012.
Bu Xiangzhi (CHN) is distinguished in the leadership with a total of 5 points in 6 rounds. Yesterday, during the 7th round, all the attentions were turned to the game between Bu and the polish player Tazbir Marcin (POL), who has 4,5 points. The male classification has a Chinese in the 1st place followed by Tazbir (POL) e Bulski Krzysztof (POL), both with 4,5 points.
In parallel, in the female sector, Tan Zhongyi (CHN)assumes the headship, close followed by the Russian player Kashlinskaya Alina (RUS) and Zhang Xiaowen (CHN). The 1st place has 5 points, Alina with 4,5 points and the 3rd place with 4,5 points as well
In what concerns with the classification by each country, China goes on the 1st place with 14,5 points and only three athletes. Poland had the 2nd place with 13 points and Russia in the 3rd place with 12,5 points.
In the last 3 rounds, the number of ties has come to fall. There were 9 on the round 4, 8 on the 5th and 7 on the round 6. The draws are frequent in chess games. It can be declare, for example, after 30 plays with the agreement of both players. In this tournament, there is a possibility for the players ask to the referees and they will decide and declare the tie.

24 / Aug / 1212

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