“The referees must be alert to all the details”

On the third day of competition, Carlos Dias, president of Refereeing Council of the Portuguese Federation of Chess (FPX), talked about the importance of WUC Chess perform in Portugal.
Carlos Dias is surprised by the quality of the competition. “On the one hand, the competitive level is pretty high, on the other hand the organization is giving excellent conditions to the participants”, referred.
In what concerns to the importance of the university championships to FPX, the responsible of the championship’s refereeing said that, although those competitions are not in the FPX and FIDE calendar, “the event is interesting for both federations, because it counts for the rating of the institutions”.
Carlos Dias also explained that “the good organization of this event shows to the world that Portugal has capabilities to organize an international competition with good quality”.
Relatively to the WUC Chess’s refereeing, Carlos Dias is pleased by the fact that referees, until now, didn’t have any problems to solve, during the games. In spite of this fact, “the referees must be alert to all the details”.
The function of Carlos Dias in this Competition is supervising judges’ work but also evaluate them to give a declaration saying that those referees can integrate the international federation of Chess.

Rita Magalhães

23 / Aug / 1212

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