Event Services


Teams will be accommodated in University of Minho Hotel located in the city of Guimarães. Each participant must pay a participation fee (full board and event services) of 60 EUR per person/night established by FISU.
Extra officials must pay a participation fee (full board and event services) of 100 Eur per person/night.

University of Minho Hotel
Hotel Guimarães, Guimarães (****)


WUC Chess 2012 Organising Committee with the support of Guimarães Braga City Hall, is developing a master plan for bus services.

For the moment, we are planning to create a bus line (Hotel-University- Hotel) to serve delegations during the competition period.

Transfers from Oporto International Airport (Guimarães nearest international airport) to the city of Guimarães will be assured by special buses, according the arrival and departure schedule. Transfers from Lisbon will not be assured by the LOC, however, delegations can easily arrive at Guimarães by train.

WUC Chess 2012 Organising Committee is negotiating a car sponsor to ensure a smoth transportation system for LOC, FISU delegates, Referees and Guests.


The catering service is located in the University Campus near the Sports Facilities.

The meals will be server in buffet style with two mixed variety of meat and fish that will change on a daily basis.

The delegations will have the opportinity to refeer to the OC special types of meals or vegetarian meals.

The Organising Committee will use a system to manage the access to the lunch and dinner by using the identification card of the participant. With this the participant will have a faster access to the meals.

The breakfast will be served at the Hotels.